Guide to Using the SFERA Terminal Personal Account for ETSA Token Staking

Overview of the SFERA platform and its functions.
Registration and Login
The procedure for registering on the site and logging into the personal account.
Details about the "Overview" section, including ETSA staking, income dynamics, referral program, and profitability chart.
My Account
Information about ETSA and USDT accounts, including deposit, withdrawal, and token sale functions.
Description of transaction accounting, including filtering, sorting, and detailed transaction information. Staking Details about the ETSA staking process, including the selection of the number of tokens, account, and staking period, as well as staking history.
Referral Program
Information about the operation of the referral program, including receiving rewards and managing referral links.
Important Notice
User's personal responsibility and disclaimer of platform liability.

The SFERA terminal is an innovative secure platform developed by a team of highly qualified specialists in Blockchain technologies, designed for staking ETSA tokens. The platform offers users a convenient personal account interface, available in two languages: Russian and English. In this guide, we will step by step examine the key aspects of using the SFERA platform's personal account, including registration, account management, staking participation, referral program participation, and more.

Registration and Login
To start working with the SFERA terminal, it is necessary to register on the site: The registration process is simple and intuitive. After registration, you will have access to the personal account where you can manage your ETSA and USDT tokens.

"SFERA Terminal Overview" Section of the Personal Account
The "Overview" section of the SFERA terminal's personal account presents key data about your activity related to ETSA token staking and the overall dynamics of your portfolio. This section gives a comprehensive overview and important information, which includes:
ETSA Staking:
Displays data about open ETSA staking, allowing you to track the current state of your staked tokens.
Displays accrued ETSA rewards, giving you a complete picture of your staking income.
Information about ETSA tokens available for sale, important for planning future transactions or reinvestments.
ETSA and USDT Income Dynamics:
Shows data on the total amount of income received in ETSA tokens and in USDT currency. This allows you to assess the overall efficiency of your investments on the platform.
Referral Program:
Shows the total balance of referral rewards received. This helps track the success of your efforts in attracting new users to the platform.
Profitability Chart:
Displays a chart of accruals for staking the ETSA token, providing a visual representation of your income dynamics over different time periods.
Each of these subsections includes a time filter, allowing you to view data over various periods: all-time, 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days. This adds flexibility in analyzing your financial activity and helps make informed decisions based on historical data.

"My Account" Section of the SFERA Terminal Personal Account
The "My Account" section in the SFERA terminal's personal account is intended for managing your financial resources and tracking the state of your accounts. This section presents detailed information, allowing you to fully control your assets and operations.
ETSA Account:
Unique Crypto Wallet Address: Upon registration, each user is assigned a unique crypto wallet address in the BNB Smart Chain network. This address is individual and protected by the platform's software, accessible only to the user.
Account Replenishment: To participate in staking, it is necessary to send ETSA tokens to this address.
Available for Withdrawal: Displays the available balance of ETSA tokens that can be sold. "Sell" Button: Allows selling available ETSA tokens for USDT. After the sale, USDT is credited to the user's account in the personal account or to a specified external address in the TRC20 network (minus a commission).
"Replenish" Button: Used for replenishing the account with ETSA tokens. Note that only ETSA tokens in the BNB SmartChain network can be sent to this account. Do not send other crypto assets, including NFTs, otherwise, they will be irrevocably lost.
USDT Account in the TRC20 Network:
Unique Crypto Wallet Address: Upon registration, users are also assigned a crypto wallet address in the Tron TRC20 network for operations with USDT.
Account Replenishment: USDT in the TRC20 network should be sent to this address to purchase ETSA tokens. "Replenish" Button: Used for replenishing the account in USDT in the TRC20 network. "Withdraw" Button: Allows withdrawing available USDT. Funds will be sent to the specified address in the TRC20 network minus a commission. This section provides full control over your ETSA and USDT tokens, allowing various financial operations such as buying, selling, and managing your assets according to your investment goals and strategy.

"Transactions" Section of the SFERA Terminal Personal Account
The "Transactions" section in the SFERA terminal's personal account serves to account for and analyze all financial operations of the user on the platform. This section contains detailed information about all transactions and operations, ensuring complete transparency and control over financial movements. Here are the key features of this section: Registry of All Transactions and Operations: This section maintains a complete record of all user transactions, including accruals and other financial operations. Users can view detailed information about each transaction, allowing full tracking of their financial movements on the platform. Transaction Filtering: The section offers the possibility of filtering transactions over different time periods: all-time, the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days. This provides flexibility and convenience in analyzing financial activity.
Data Sorting: Users can sort data in the registry by each column, facilitating the search and analysis of specific transactions. Column Names in the Registry:
Transaction Date: Shows the date of each transaction.
Operation Type: Displays the type of operation (accrual, replenishment, freezing, withdrawal, etc.).
Amount: Indicates the amount of the operation in ETSA or USDT units.
Status: Demonstrates the operation's status (successfully completed or not).
Hash: Represents the transaction hash in the blockchain network.
Info: Provides detailed information about the transaction.
Data Export to Excel:
All transaction information can be downloaded in Excel format and saved to a computer for further analysis or archiving.

"Staking" Section of the SFERA Terminal Personal Account
The "Staking" section in the SFERA terminal's personal account is intended for direct participation in ETSA token staking. This section provides users with all the necessary tools and information for effective staking. Here are the detailed steps and features available in this section:
ETSA Token Staking Process:
Number of Tokens: Users must specify the number of ETSA tokens they want to stake.
Account Selection: It is necessary to choose which account to use for staking funds – this can be either the ETSA account or the USDT account. It is important to ensure that there are enough ETSA tokens or USDT equivalent on the selected account for staking.
Staking Term: Users select the staking term for placing ETSA tokens (6 months, 12 months, or 24 months).
Terms Confirmation: Before staking, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the terms and confirm agreement by checking the corresponding box.
Staking Calculator: After selecting the staking parameters, the calculator on the right side of the screen will provide information about the cost and profitability, based on the individual rates and staking conditions for each user.
ETSA Token Freezing:
After reviewing the terms and confirming the selected parameters, users can click the "Freeze ETSA" button to start the staking process. In case of choosing the USDT account, automatic conversion of USDT to ETSA tokens will occur, followed by their placement in staking.
Funds in USDT will be debited from the account considering the commission, and ETSA tokens will be credited to the account and placed in staking automatically.
Staking History:
The bottom part of the section displays the history of all staking transactions, including the date of freezing, the number of ETSA tokens, the staking term, the ETSA/USDT rate, monthly profitability, and the total profitability after the end of staking. This information can be sorted by filters (all-time, 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days) and downloaded in Excel format for analysis or archiving.

"Referral Program" Section of the SFERA Terminal Personal Account
The "Referral Program" section in the SFERA terminal's personal account is intended for participation in the program to attract new users and receive rewards for their activity. This section allows expanding the ETSA user network while simultaneously increasing your income through referral bonuses. Here are the main functions and opportunities available in this section:
Receiving Rewards for Inviting Users:
Users of the SFERA terminal can invite new users to the ETSA ecosystem and receive 5% of all ETSA token staking top-ups made by their referrals.
For this, invited users need to register through a unique referral link.
Referral Link:
The section presents a "Copy referral link" button, which allows copying and distributing the unique referral link to invite new users.
List of Referrals and Accrued Rewards:
The section displays a list of all invited users with their names and the amount of rewards accrued from each user. The referral program is single-level, meaning rewards are only accrued from the actions of users directly invited by you.

Contact information:
Technical support

Important Notice
Personal Responsibility of the User and Disclaimer of Liability.
It is important to understand that investments in cryptocurrencies carry a certain level of risk, and every investor should be aware of the potential financial consequences. Users participating in the staking of the ETSA token or in any other operations through the SFERA terminal do so at their own risk. The ETSA token team and platform operators are not responsible for any potential losses or damages resulting from investments or actions on the platform.
Each user bears individual responsibility for complying with the tax legislation of their country of residence in relation to any transactions, profits, or income obtained through the platform. This includes, but is not limited to, the obligation to declare and pay all due taxes in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
Users should also consider that legal norms and regulations in the field of cryptocurrencies can vary significantly depending on the country and may be subject to changes. Therefore, it is recommended to seek professional legal and tax advice before making decisions related to cryptocurrency operations.
Participation in operations on the SFERA platform implies full understanding and acceptance of these conditions and risks, as well as agreement that the ETSA token team and platform operators are not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or other losses.