ETSA token staking on SFERA platform
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How to earnon ETSA token staking
Staking is a way to earn on cryptocurrency, where you "freeze" a certain amount of tokens in a wallet to support the project by providing liquidity
Registration in SFERA
The opportunity to acquire the ETSA token
Staking the ETSA token
Investment in the project on favorable terms
Income from selling the ETSA token
Simple, fast and safe
Get access to the SFERA ecosystem
Get a gift
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How to do it?
Complete a simple registration
Top up your balance in USDT (TRC20)
Choose a staking period and confirm the purchase of ETSA
Receive rewards in ETSA and withdraw in USDT
How does staking work?
Official platform from the creators of ETSA. A simple and safe tool for earning income from the project
Intuitive interface
High staking rewards
SFERA is not subject to sanctions
Proprietary development by the ETSA team
High level of security
A complete ecosystem for using cryptocurrency assets
Supporting project liquidity
Staking the ETSA token allows the project to develop and you to earn
To participate in staking
Transfer your tokens to your personal account to the ETSA account and start staking
Monthly reward
Additional tokens are automatically credited to participants' wallets
Project development
Funds from staking are directed to developing new features, partnership programs, and marketing
Staking Rewards
Staking is possible for 6, 12, and 24 months. Detailed conditions in the personal account
5% / month
Up to 500 $
6% / month
500 - 2 000 $
7% / month
from 2 000 $
Join us and start earning right now!
Register in the SFERA personal account and earn income from investments
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ETSA token — an innovative and promising project
Liquidity is supported by energy-saving equipment
Each ETSA equipment
directs 3% of saved electricity to Bitcoin mining, which replenishes asset liquidity
The SFERA platform is a proprietary development by the ETSA team
663 registered users
Total staked > 76 000 ETSA tokens
Total funds raised > 450 000 $
Total staked > 76 000 ETSA tokens
The community actively supports the ETSA token
25 941
people are in the ETSA community
5 000 +
ETSA crypto cards issued
Token holders
Become our partner
An effective way to increase passive income through attracted investors
Receive 5%-10% from each attracted investment
Transparency and reliability
We provide detailed reports on your earnings and ensure the security of your data
Ease of use
Simple registration, quick and safe access to your SFERA personal account
Vitaly Teterin
Technical Director
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SFERA token
RWA SFERA token. Stay tuned for updates.

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